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5 Reasons Why SAP Is The Best ERP System

5 Reasons Why SAP Is The Best ERP System

In today’s challenging business environment, best-run companies have clarity across all aspects of their business, which allows them to act quickly with increased insight, efficiency, and flexibility. This is particularly true if your business includes SAP.

SAP is the world’s largest business software company and the third-largest independent software provider in terms of revenues. Even though the competition is fierce with a lot of new entrants in the marketplace from large and small vendors over this time, SAP is still a leader in enterprise software. Here are some reasons which explain why SAP continues to be the market leader in the enterprise space:

  1. The first reason is simply the fact that SAP solutions are scalable and can be customized according to the evolving business requirements of an enterprise. It can be easily integrated with future applications giving users a significant competitive advantage in the market. SAP solutions have become integral to the foundation of international businesses, as almost half of the world’s Fortune1000 companies have implemented ERP solutions from SAP.
  2. SAP has been mainly focusing on enterprise applications for the last 30 years, the area where they hold the market leader spot today across the globe. While the other large ERP software vendors, tend to have multiple business focuses – like, databases as an example.
  3. SAP continues to focus its ERP applications on maximizing resources, reducing costs and optimizing performance that is customized for businesses and industries. SAP provides a comprehensive range of business software and enterprise applications – designed for global operations and supported with globalization services – to empower every aspect of your business.
  4. SAP architecture is extremely strong with a process-centric focus and a foundation that operates in real time communication with enterprise wide business processes that is highly flexible.
  5. Lastly, with the experience of the last 30 years SAP has afforded their enterprise applications to be extremely industry and business specific. They have already built and refined these industry specific solutions with real customers and real implementations carrying the knowledge base and enhancing their technology and application offerings each year for the last three decades.

SAP not only helps to manage day to day operations efficiently; it also sharpens business insight by providing real time access to timely information. As there are more solutions available on the marketplace to choose from, and even given the increasing competitive landscape, SAP has kept their market dominance.

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